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Limited Edition Jete Freedom Flight Monument Limited Edition Lewis and Clark Maquette
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Sabra Tull Meyer Sculptures in Bronze

Sabra Tull Meyer

Step 1 Armature

Claying up

Step 2 Claying Up


Step 3 Claying Up Continued


Step 4 Adding Foam

adding detail

Step 5 Adding Detail Head, Beak, and Face

view of maquette

Step 6 View of Maquette and Enlargement


Step 7 Wings Removed for Transportation


Step 8 Near Completion

Cast in Bronze

Step 9 Cast in Bronze

lowering eagle

Step 10 Lowering the Eagle onto Pedestal


Step 11 Final Monument

Sabra Tull Meyer Studios 1904 Woodhollow Columbia, MO phone 573 443 1492 fax 573 817 0751